Finding After School Care for Children

Finding or affording a place to keep children after school and during vacations can be a challenge.

It's spring break, but some children are still under the supervision of adults. Many families don't have that privilege.

Stephanie Coleman, a mother of three, says, "It's very difficult and very busy. With the traffic and everything, I need somewhere to take him after school for me to get to work on time."

While 61 percent of Florida children spend some portion of the afternoon with a parent or guardian, 27 percent of Florida's K-12 youth take care of themselves.

Similarly in Georgia, 66 percent stay with a parent or guardian, and 21 percent stay alone.

J.R. Davis, the area director for the Boys and Girls Club, says, "We'd much rather have them here at the club than at home or hanging out in the streets. We'd really like to have them here in a supervised, structured environment."

The affordability and availability of after school programs is often the reason most children stay home alone.

Fortunately, there are places like the non-profit Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend. For working parents like Stephanie Coleman, these programs are heaven sent.