14 Year-Old Boy & Wheelchair-Bound Grandfather Struck By Car

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Bainbridge, GA, December 7, 2012, 6:30pm - Hospital has stated that both Malik Sheppard and his grandfather, Robert Mickens, are both in fair condition.

Bainbridge,GA- "I was walking up, I was getting home from work, and all I could see were flashing lights of patrol cars and there were two ambulances when I arrived," described Kenneth McCoy.

McCoy had no idea Thursday evening that those two ambulances were for his 14-year-old brother Malik Sheppard and his grandfather, Robert Mickens.

"I guess you could say I was in a state of shock when I first got here," McCoy said. "I just couldn't believe it and then I noticed the wheelchair when I walked up and that's all there was to it."

Markings along Martin Luther King Boulevard in Bainbridge show where the woman driver hit the two people with her Toyota Camary. Investigators say she was doing the speed limit and drugs and alcohol were not a factor.

"The two individuals were dressed in dark clothing and didn't see them until the last second, hit both of them," explained Eric Miller, the Bainbridge Public Safety Director. "They were both transported to Bainbridge Memorial where they were air lifted to Tallahassee."

Sheppard is being treated for a severe head injury and Mickens is being treated for liver lacerations and back injuries.

"This could have been so much worse and I am thankful that it is what it is you know. Even though their injuries are pretty severe, I'm just happy they're still alive," said McCoy.

The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the accident. No charges have been filed against the driver.

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