Gas Prices Skyrocket

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Motorists continue to feel the pain when they pull in to fill up their tanks. The federal government says gas prices haven't hit Americans this hard since 1981, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Nearyyah Williams says, "I think it's ridiculous. I just moved here to Florida, $2.18, and it seems like it's going up five to 10 cents each week. It's real hard."

Families all over the country are feeling the pinch at the pumps. Businesses that demand a lot of driving to get the job done are feeling the hit a little bit harder.

Pizza delivery driver Sarah Aulph says the rapid rise in gas prices is driving her crazy.

"I hope it goes down, but I don't see it happening," she says.

Tom Gay, a Papa John's manager, says, "Especially with our drivers. Seeing gas prices go up the way they have, that comes out of the money they take home every evening."

The federal government says that the average price for regular unleaded gas is $2.15, and it is only going to go up before it goes down. While prices continue to rise, business owners are hoping they won't have to pass their costs onto customers.

Tom Gay says, "We know it's going to get worse as the summer comes along. Prices are the last thing we want to touch."

In the meantime, as prices go up, drivers will just have to keep truckin' along and brace for impact.

Reports for the highest prices for regular unleaded are coming out of Malibu, California at around $3.00 a gallon. The cheapest is McAfee, New Jersey at $1.78.