Sales Tax Holiday in Georgia

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After a tough debate in the Georgia General Assembly, lawmakers have approved the continuation of the sales tax holiday. It’s great news for south Georgia stores because they rely on the sales tax break to draw in customers from Florida.

For several years now, back to school shoppers have come to rely on Georgia's sales tax holiday. The future of this popular tax break was uncertain until lawmakers in the Peach State decided it was worth brining back, both for the shoppers and for the retailers.

Bubba Campbell, Belk Regional VP, says, "It’s very important because it gives the consumer an opportunity to come out and get savings on things that they need at that period in time and take advantage of the sales, and people really do respond."

Shoppers say the sales tax holiday makes a huge difference because it covers clothes and regular school supplies. While retailers at the Valdosta Mall are very thrilled with this news, local business experts say it’s great news for the entire south Georgia business community.

Amy Karam of the Chamber of Commerce says, "As a border community, people from north Florida and even as far away as Alabama come here just because we're so regional, they'll come into our community, so the tax holiday really does draw not only people here in Valdosta, but from around our region into our community to spend some money."

Retailers say they if the past is any indication, this year's tax holiday will be even better sales-wise.

Campbell adds, "It’s the same weekend as it was last year, so we'll be able to compare numbers, but it will be very good."

Georgia's sale tax holiday will take place July 28 until the 31st. The future of Florida's sale tax holiday is still up to state lawmakers.