Protestors Praying for Miracle

Protesters are still chanting their messages in hopes of a last minute miracle.

The front of the Governor's Mansion was a soap box for right to life supporters to make their case to save Terri Schiavo, and they're of all ages and backgrounds.

One common purpose, Gabriella Johnson from Georgia, says, is, "This could happen to any one of us, any one of us could be put into this same position."

Florida's Capitol Police stand guard at the mansion and the Capitol building. They say there's been an average of 20 to 30 protestors each night.

Don Ledner, director of the Florida Capitol Police, says, "There's been no issues; everything has been peaceful."

The protests are peaceful, and their fight, they say, will go on.

Mark Adams from Largo, Florida, says, "We're going to continue until something happens, either way, and even beyond."

His group left the mansion Friday afternoon headed to Pinellas Park where they'll continue their plea for Terri's life.

Elizabeth Anderson says, "We're praying there will be a miracle."