Soggy Easter Egg Hunt

Despite the inclement weather, children in our area were still on the hunt for those colorful Easter eggs.

In Tallahassee, it's a tradition that must go on. It was soggy and parents had their umbrellas, and some kids had their rain gear on, but the citywide Easter egg hunt at Myers Park was not going to be scared away by mere rain.

Melissa Johnson with Tallahassee Parks and Rec. says, "I think it would have taken basically a hurricane to stop us from having this, because they have it every single year. It started to rain there for a while, but it held off for a while, so we're happy about that."

Although Tallahassee Parks and Recreational sponsors smaller egg hunts throughout the city, there's nothing like the big hunt on the actual holiday.

John Govans with Tallahassee Parks and Rec. adds, "This is the enchilada. This is the big one that happens the same time, same place, but every center has something leading up to the big one."

Johnson says, "An hour before when we were out here people were already starting to line up, and I know a good 30 minutes before, it's usually packed around all of the ropes, so yeah, they definitely get here early and they wait, they wait for the countdown.”

This year they waited through some rain, but what's a little rain when 12,000 real eggs and 550 prize eggs just waiting to be found?