Mr. Food: Spice Up Your Meatloaf

Mr. Food is going to show us how to add flavors from around the world to spice up a traditional American dish. Let's head to the kitchen with Mr. Food.

An all-American staple: meat loaf! It's comfort, it's easy and it sure is versatile, from the basic ground beef and a few seasonings to the fancy fix-ins.

Meat loaf wears a lot of hats! What, for instance? Well, there's a treasure chest of ideas. Here are a few, starting with our ground meat.

Instead of ground beef, for a lighter version, ground turkey or pork can fill in very well, or we go gourmet and try ground veal! Even mix and match 'em to be a little different!

Now, instead of store-bought bread crumbs to hold it all together, how about fresh? By using up any style or variety of day-old bread, in a food processor we can jazz things up in a jiffy for a lighter texture! Want the ticket to a trendy meat loaf? Here's a south-of-the-border version that gets its today pizzazz from taco seasoning and salsa.

Got your cowboy boots on? This chuck wagon family favorite we've made with smoky barbecue sauce will have 'em galloping to the table! Or try these for a taste of Italy made with basil, parmesan cheese and marinara sauce! And it's Greek with oregano, olives and feta cheese! Or to get some down-home feeling, we can stuff our meat loaf mixture with hard-boiled eggs.

Remember that one? And a big popular that brings us two comforting tastes rolled into one is frosted meat loaf, smothered in creamy mashed potatoes! There's just no limit to how many right ways there are!

So get creative, 'cause no matter how many hats meat loaf wears, every one is a truly American "ooh it's so good!!®"