Break-in Arrests in Valdosta

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A string of 24 vehicle break-ins in Valdosta ends with an arrest. Police say 23-year-old Andy Richardson is allegedly behind the break-ins.

Valdosta State student Joanna Moore always locks her doors and hides her valuables before leaving her car behind, but she says one of her friends wasn't as careful.

Joanna says, "She was very irresponsible. She never locked her doors and never hid any of her belongings, and being that this is a college town, you have to be careful to make sure you’re not a victim."

Since November, more than 25 cars have been burglarized at places like the YMCA, the movie theater on Baytree and the Post Office on Inner Perimeter Road.

Police say 23-year-old Andy Richardson is behind many of those break-ins.

CAPT Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police Department says, "Mr. Richardson has been initially charged with one count [of] theft by receiving stolen property, and two counts of entering auto to commit theft."

He's also facing 22 additional counts of entering a vehicle and 11 counts of credit card theft.

Police say folks need to lock their doors and hide any and all valuables.

Childress adds, "The best way to describe it, one of the detectives mentioned, was a smash and grab. They smash out a window and grab things out of your vehicle."

Police say Richardson's arrest sends a strong message that crime won't be tolerated in this community. Police say several more arrests could be made in connection with the break-ins.