Tree Troubles in Tallahassee

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An old rotted out tree fell down Monday morning, diverting traffic on a well used city street. It was more than 6,000 pounds, and utility workers say it was a small miracle that no one was hurt when it hit the street.

Look out below! On Tharpe Street in the City of Tallahassee near Godby High School, around 11 a.m. Monday morning, a large tree fell across both westbound lanes, diverting traffic for hours.

Roger Trammell, a utility worker, says, "Basically what happened is the wind gusts are real high, and with all the saturated roots and stuff, wind gusts blew this big tree down."

City utility workers estimate there's 6,000 to 7,000 pounds of tree here, and they say they're grateful no one was driving by as it fell. Tree experts say the bad thing is this could happen anywhere in north Florida or south Georgia because the conditions are just right.

Dave Iden, an Esposito’s tree expert, says, "Especially this time of year with the trees starting to leaf out, the thing they probably most want to be aware of is branches not leafing out. This is going to indicate that there's probably dieback going on in the tree."

Here's some more expert advice to keep your home and family safe.

Dave says, "They can look for moss or fungus near the base of the tree."

Tree experts say that with the past hurricane season and all the recent rains, checking your trees might be not be such a tall order.

When the tree fell on Tharpe Street, only two houses were affected when the line that provides cable TV was knocked out for a few hours.