Non-Profit Group Teams With Girl Scouts to Feed Hungry

Every day, 40,000 children die from starvation and malnutrition.

"Kids Against Hunger" is a non-profit organization that responds to the needs of starving and malnourished people locally, nationally and internationally.

The local chapter in Cairo, Georgia has been helping to feed the hungry for a little over a year.

Melvin Horne, the director, says, "We go to churches and schools and community groups and families and invite them to participate."

One of the groups that has been helping out is Girl Scout Troop 287. The nine and 10-year-olds receive community service hours for making food packages, but to them, this project is about helping other people.

Anna Bennatt, a Junior Girl Scout, says, "So they can have food and so they can survive just as well as we can."

The package costs about $1.40 to put together and has an indefinite shelf life. The combination of rice, soy bean, vitamins, and dehydrated vegetables can feed up to six adults.

Melvin says, "What we tell them is that at the end of the day here, you're keeping children alive, pure and simple."

Every dollar that is donated to "Kids Against Hunger" goes solely to the costs of the food and boxes.