Teens Arrested, Charged With Animal Cruelty

Perry police arrested two teenage boys after undercover officers found them fighting dogs at a Magnolia Road residence.

Patrolman Gina Deeson of the Perry Police Department says, "Once Animal Control and the undercover officers arrived on scene, they approached the backyard where the other dogs were held. On those dogs, they observed cuts and wounds, wounds that were healed up and scarring from previous fights that they had been into.”

Just days after Eyewitness News aired a story about fight dogs that had been rescued from a Taylor County man's backyard, three of those dogs, along with four others, were stolen from the animal shelter.

Brianne Hoover, coordinator of Taylor County Animal Control, says, “When we found out they were stolen, that basically broke our hearts. We've had those dogs in our shelter for approximately two months or so. Over that time, we bonded with them no matter where they're from or what they had done to them in the past."

Police are not sure yet if the 14 and 15-year-old dog fighters are responsible for the actual theft of the dogs. They were charged with cruelty to animals, and then released from the Taylor County Jail.

A third teen, 15 years old, was also arrested for observing and not stopping the fights.