Tallahassee Parks Provide Internet Access

Monday, city officials were on hand at the Jake Gaither Community Center to kick off the start of high speed Internet service to several of the city's parks.

As of Monday, more residents in the City of Tallahassee have access to the world.

Commissioner Andrew Gillum says, "Eight community centers who formerly didn't have access to the Internet can now enjoy that access today."

It's a partnership between the city and Comcast Cable, a way of enhancing the community.

Mayor John Marks says, "It's huge for the City of Tallahassee, and of course the whole idea is to ensure all of our citizens have access to what we call the ‘digital highway.’ "

The new access will be a huge benefit to area parents and students.

Deanna Smith, a parent, says, "Oh, I get to keep in touch with my friends and family."

Taylor Hinson, a Cobb Middle School student, says, "A lot of the kids at their schools have homework they have to do on the Internet. Since the computers have the Internet, now a lot of kids can get on there."

Maggie Lewis, a member of the Leon County School Board, says, "On the weekends when they have projects to work on, they can come to the center and get a head start on their projects."

City officials hope the new access will provide a gateway to both inform and empower area residents. For operation hours of a park near you, call the city's Parks and Recreation Department at 850-891-3866.