Speed Humps in Valdosta

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Residents living in one Valdosta neighborhood are in an uproar about what they consider a speeding problem on their street. They say the city refuses to address the issue, but the city says it's actually faced the problem head on.

Mac Arthur Drive is relatively quiet right now, but residents in this neighborhood say the street is usually full of speeding motorists looking for a way to avoid Baytree Road and speed limit laws.

Brandon Dean says, "We have a four-way stop sign, and ever since I've stayed here the last two years, nobody really stops at it, and we have a lot of children in the neighborhood."

Speeding and reckless driving top the list of resident complaints. Rae Lawson has lived off Mac Arthur Drive for four years and recalls many accidents he's heard from his living room.

Rae says, "A guy was coming in on this road and a lady hit him on the side, and if it hadn't been for her airbag, she'd be dead right now."

Lawson says the main problem is that motorists use this road as a shortcut here in Valdosta and don't abide by residential speed limit laws. He'd like the city to put in a couple speed bumps, but the city manager says this road does not meet the requirements.

Larry Hanson, the city manager, says, "The average speed limit was actually below the speed limit and the 85th percentile was not 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, which is a requirement."

City officials say they've monitored Mac Arthur Drive since 2002 and have actually seen a drop in the average speed on that road. Residents on Mac Arthur Drive say they plan to petition for the speed bumps despite the city's claim that none are needed.