Another Dog Fighting Arrest in Gadsden County

A puppy about eight to 12 weeks old is one of seven dogs taken by Gadsden County Animal Control this weekend near the area of Hogan Lane.

MAJ Tommy Haire of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says, "We know it's occurring in the sawdust community, in the Quincy community and in Havana. In these places we've seized dogs, and in two of these places we've made arrests."

The seven dogs, five adults and two puppies, were taken near the home of 26-year-old Bartholomew Lawson of Quincy this weekend. He's being charged with possessing and training domestic animals for the purpose of animal fighting.

Wade Hare of Gadsden County Animal Control says, "People say they weren't fighting them, but there's fresh blood on the ones we got last Saturday. They ain't got blood from just sitting on a chain."

Authorities say in the past couple of days, more attention has been placed on where the dogs are held after they're taken.

Just recently in Taylor County, several dogs were stolen right from the shelter.

Tommy says, "There have been threats that they were going to break into this pound and take dogs back. We've even received information that some people were going to be paid to come and get the dogs back."

Animal Control officials say about 80 percent of the dogs they take in have been used for fighting.

Lawson was released this weekend on $8,500 bond, and his brother, Antionne Lawson of Gretna, is being listed as a suspect, but has not been charged.

If you have information about potential dog fighting in Gadsden County, call the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office at 850-627-9233. All they need is your information, not your name.