Tanks a Lot

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Filling your car up a year ago would have cost $1.75 a gallon for regular gas. Tuesday, the national average for a gallon of regular gas is a whopping $2.14.

For salesman Derek Rasmussen, it's about finding the best deal.

Derek says, "Being in outside direct sales, we're in our car probably eight hours a day. You definitely need to find the better prices, and Florida doesn't have it right now."

When asked about having to drive to another state to get cheaper gas, drivers had this to say.

Clyde Barnes says, "It pays in the long run to come seven or eight miles out of the way versus the prices in the Tallahassee area."

Paul Hebert adds, "It adds up. I save myself about five or six bucks every time I fill up."

For most Florida drivers, it's simple. Saving 15 to 20 cents on gas is worth the short drive across the state line into Georgia.

Glover Austin says, "I don't ever hardly ever get gas, buy it in town in Florida, 'cause it's cheaper here and I thank God for it."

As long as this gas price trend continues, there will be drivers willing to go the extra mile to save some change.