Congressman Discusses Social Security Reform

Many local residents still have questions. Who pays in to Social Security and who receives the benefits?

Richard Wisdahl says, "Can the person who's going to be 30 years of age in another 20 years afford to have their parent be supported by them?"

U.S. Cong. Allen Boyd gave residents of Suwannee, Lafayette and Dixie Counties the chance to ask all of these questions and more at a Town Hall meeting in Live Oak Tuesday morning.

U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd, (D) Florida 2nd District, says, "I just wanted to have a dialogue with our constituents, in places live Live Oak, to tell them what the facts are."

Boyd spoke on the Social Security reform legislation he recently introduced in Congress. Boyd says the Kolbe-Boyd Bipartisan Retirement Security Act stabilizes the program and does not affect people 55 and older.

Boyd says, "What we're really talking about is how do we preserve the program for our children and our grandchildren? Those who are entering the workforce now and are going to enter later on. After all, they're the ones paying the payroll taxes to fund our benefits."

Residents say the meeting helped calm their fears on Social Security. Cong. Boyd also held a meeting at Leon High School in Tallahassee Tuesday evening. His next stops are in Quincy, Bristol, and Blountstown.