Muslim Group Calls on Senate President to Denounce Hate Speech

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Tallahassee, FL -- March 7, 2012 --

A group of interfaith leaders traveled to the capital today. They say they are fighting religious discrimination.

Ahmed Bedier is a Muslim and President of United Voices for America.

He says the Miami Herald reported anti-Muslim booklets were passed around in the halls of the Senate this week.

His group is speaking out against the booklets.

It also opposes a senate bill the group considers an anti-Sharia Law.

"We don't want this bill to actually go to the floor and to pass using these types of tactics," Bedier said.

"If senators want to debate the bill on its merits, that's fine. However, they should never resort to hatred or hate speech to be able to push legislation forward."

Bedier and his group met with the senate president's chief of staff this afternoon. They called on him to investigate the fliers circulating in the Senate halls.

They also urged lawmakers to vote down senate bill 1360.

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