New I-75 Ramps

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After more than three years of dealing with construction on I-75, motorists in Valdosta will now start seeing some results.

Department of Transportation engineer Rod Pendersen eagerly waves confused motorists forward, directing them to the newest addition of the I-75 expansion project.

Rod says, "We just opened up the on-ramp and people are trying to still turn on the old one, and if people will just pay attention to what's going on and slow down a little bit, we'd get them through successfully."

Many motorists say the new ramp will not only keep traffic moving on North Valdosta Road, it will also help save lives.

Susan Deal, a concerned motorist, says, "I saw wrecks every week, but the congestion has always been real bad, so this is going to help a lot."

It’s been so bad that DOT officials are estimating motorists will shave about 15 minutes off their normal drive time.

Motorists say this brand new on-ramp is a sure sign there actually is progress being made on the I-75 project. The even better news is that DOT officials say there is light at the end of the tunnel as far as the entire DOT project goes.

Pendersen says, "This particular project should take a year, maybe a year and a half, and the whole intention is to improve public traveling safety."

It is something these motorists have been patiently waiting for. The new southbound on-ramp at exit 22 is just one part of the I-75 widening project from exit 18 to the Cook County lines.