Recruiting Retirees

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A renewed push is on to lure more retirees to one local community. Leaders in Lowndes County say attracting more retirees is an important form of economic development.

Creating economic growth is important to any community, and that's why leaders, both in the worlds of government and business, are trying to attract even more senior citizens to the area.

Alison Stokes of the Chamber of Commerce says, "Retirees are one of the largest sectors of the population and they have the most money, so you're talking about a lot of wealth you can bring into the community. That can put money into our business, our homes and our schools."

That's why the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce and local governments are promoting their "Triple Crown Hometown," which showcases the best reasons for retirees to consider metro Valdosta.

Folks who are still planning for their retirement years say they've been pleasantly surprised by the many different options the metro Valdosta area has to offer. They say all those options mean they can have a fun and active retirement life.

Ralph Beckham, an Ocala resident, says, "I particularly enjoy that there's a military base here; I'm military retired. Also, I'm a teacher and I know there's plenty of opportunity for continuing education at the university."

For a growing number of folks, the Valdosta area is becoming an attractive retirement destination.

Beckham adds, "I'm just looking forward to an opportunity to move to a large community with a small town atmosphere."

They are words that are likely to attract more retirees, much to the benefit of the local economy.

There are several big events to attract retirees to metro Valdosta, including a get together at Stone Creek Golf Club in Lowndes County on April 7.