Georgia Teachers Say Tax Cut Is A+ Worthy

Learning requires more than just school books, and for many students it's the interactive lessons that help them understand a new concept.

Lessons require supplies, which are often bought by teachers using their own money.

Mamie Linton, a fifth grade teacher at Cross Creek Elementary, says, "I teach math, and a lot of times I have to go out and spend out of the pocket for manipulatives for the kids to learn math."

New legislation gives Georgia teachers the ability to deduct up to $250 per year for
school supplies they purchase. Local teachers are thankful for this help from the government.

Amy Bozeman, also a fifth grade teacher, says, "Most of us buy much more than that during a year's time, and we really appreciate the gratitude that is shown to us for being reimbursed."

Teachers also agree that incentives like this tax break benefit students.

Amy says, "I think that teachers will plan and provide many more materials for their students this way."

Mamie Linton adds, "So anytime that we can get a little something back when we've put something in, then I think everybody has the idea that I don't mind giving because I am gonna receive something back."

The Georgia state tax break attaches to a federal tax break for teachers for an additional $250. The Georgia teacher deduction is retroactive. It includes the 2004 and 2005 tax year.