Utility Rodeo

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During the past hurricane season, City of Tallahassee utility workers were the first to receive calls to help other municipalities get back online. If you're wondering why, take a trip to the North Florida Fairgrounds this Saturday for the Utility Workers Competition.

Living life on the line is what these men do everyday, and on Saturday, they plan to prove they're the best at it.

Tony Spivey, a COT Lineman, says, "It's a lot of fun; it gives us a chance to show off and show us where we stand against other linemen."

This Saturday at the North Florida Fairgrounds, the City of Tallahassee linemen and apprentices will compete against more than 20 other teams from all over the state in different events related to working the lines.

Wayne Weaver, COT Utilities Supervisor, says, "Personally, I think we have a good chance at placing and winning all of the events."

The events will include replacing downed lines and getting an injured person safely to the ground.

Wayne Weaver says, "All the events you see taking place are traditional linemen events that practice traditional linemen skills with safety and everyday work practices."

All events will be judged by time, safety practices and general skills.

Wayne Weaver adds, "Everyone knows the COT team, that's why we're consistently asked for help because people know we get the job done."

City utility workers have a warning. They say don't be shocked when they put the competition up against the line this Saturday.

This annual event is being hosted by the City of Tallahassee and will include activities for kids, food vendors, and of course, tips on smart energy uses.