Rabies Clinics to Come in Light of Recent Rabies Cases

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A dog's bark is often worse than its bite, but not if that dog has rabies.

Since February in Thomas County, there have been 28 dog bites, 14 cat bites and one raccoon bite that tested positive for rabies.

Carol Jones, Executive Director of the Thomasville Humane Society, says, "This could be a serious problem if the animals had not been vaccinated and had contracted rabies."

That's why the Thomasville Humane Society, Thomas County Health Department and local veterinarians will be holding rabies clinics in Thomasville and other surrounding towns this Saturday.

Carol Jones says, "We just want to ensure that it does not become a problem and that the public can come out on Saturday and get rabies vaccinations at special costs."

In order to protect yourself, your pet, and abide by the law, pets must be vaccinated against rabies every year. It will only cost $10 to vaccinate one animal, $9 for two, and if you bring three or more pets, it will cost $8 each, a small price to pay when any warm-blooded animal can have rabies, including humans.

Dr. Leon Young, a veterinarian, says, "When we have human exposure, rabies is a problem because you are not able to treat rabies like you do other diseases. Once you have it, you usually die with it."

The rabies clinic is an annual event that dates back to the 1940s.