No Sale for Foley Timber and Land Company

Foley Timber and Land Company has announced it's no longer selling its timberlands in north Florida.

The president, Hal Eastman, released this statement: "Foley Timber and Land Company is pleased to continue as landowners in Taylor and surrounding counties."

Most of the hunting clubs in Taylor County lease their land from Foley, and say they're especially relieved to hear the company is not selling its 543,000 acres.

"It means a lot to me because I'm a hunter and I enjoy being out in the woods. I may not have that right if they would've sold the properly," says one resident.

Many residents were also concerned about the potential buyer, the Forest Capital Timber Company, which sought to bring an Air Force base missile/bombing range to the area.

Some say that's not a bad idea.

"I voted yes for the bombing range because the land's not benefiting me. I can't go on it unless I'm going to get a load of logs or drive the county roads through it. I hate they're not selling it."

A majority of Taylor County residents voted against the range in a straw vote last November. They say they hope the vote, along with the unavailability of the land, will keep the missile range out indefinitely.