Cold Case Solved

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Fifteen-year-old Terrell Powell of Robertsville is charged with first degree murder, arrested in connection with the shooting death of 51-year-old William Moses Wilson.

Charlie Brown says, "We got a call to meet here. On the way over, I was just praying and hoping there was some closure to the case. Then after hearing the news, there was just a big sigh of relief for all of the family members that were here today."

Wilson's nephew says now there is closure to a case that's been cold since August of 2003 with no leads and no suspects until now.

Sheriff Morris Young says, "This is what it is all about, bringing closure to the family. They've been through a lot. It's been two years now."

Now witnesses have come forth, and the murder weapon, a 12 gage shotgun, is found.

Phil Keracofe says, "It's not unusual for evidence; we need to lay dormant for a while. We can get out there, shake the bushes and talk to many people and hope to get what we need at the time, but sometimes it doesn't work that way."

Sheriff Young says a while back, Powell told his mother about nightmares. He would later tell her about the shooting. The mother then throws the gun into a deep well in Robertsville.

Friday morning, Powell had his first appearance before a judge.