Historic Preservation

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Thomasville and its surrounding community will play host to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. The group will be holding its annual meeting there this weekend.

Members will tour historic buildings and attend seminars on preservation.

Welcome signs dot downtown storefronts. Organizers expect over 400 visitors, a number that brings smiles to the faces of local businesses.

Ben Golden, co-owner of Savannah Moon Café, says, "On top of what we normally do, which has been really busy anyways, when you add an extra 300 people looking around, yeah, we're expecting a big business. We're gonna be boosting everything we do here.”

Renee White, owner of White's Cottage, says, "It helps us. It makes us feel more excited, and people, when they're out of town, they always spend a little more money than when they're at home."

And while happy Thomasville business owners welcome this weekend's guests with open arms, organizers and planners of the event are just as happy to be here.

Glen Bennett of Preservation Services says "And I think people are gonna have a good chance to see a lot of historic resources and learn a lot here in Thomasville. We've got some great educational sessions planned and I think folks are just gonna have a fun time and learn a good bit."

The weekend's events kicked off Thursday night with an opening dinner, and they run through Sunday.