Mr. Food: Tasty Fool

April Fool's Day takes on a whole new meaning as far as Mr. Food is concerned. Today the gourmet guru is serving up a tasty dessert. In fact, you'd have to be a "fool" not to try it.

With today being April Fool’s Day, there are already enough pranks to go around, so why not stand out from the crowd and give 'em a really tasty surprise that's known as a "fool,” which fits perfectly with the holiday? But it's no joke.

You see, a fool is simply a dessert made from fruit and cream. How it got its funny name is a mystery, but there's no mystery about why everybody loves 'em, 'cause they're so easy to make, we don't even need a recipe!

In a saucepan we combine 4 cups cut-up fruit, maybe strawberries, peaches, apples or pears, whatever we've got on hand, along with about 1/2 cup sugar, and about 2 to 3 tablespoons of either water, lemon juice, or even liqueur, like banana or peach liqueur! Mix and match the combos, it's your choice.

Lightly cook it until the fruit is tender, and when it cools, some fool fans like to layer it in tall dessert glasses along with whipped cream, while others say a fool has to be mixed with the whipped cream, like this, you know, almost like a mousse! But either way, simply chill it and it's ready to serve.

I mean, it's fruit, sugar and liquid mixed with whipped cream. Can't be easier, smoother, or tastier! Look, here's a fresh strawberry fool with the perkiness of lemon juice and some lemon zest for extra zip! And here's a brandied peach fool.

Talk about a fancy fool! No matter how we make it, layered or mixed in, it's always a "fool-proof" treat! Anyone here in the studio feel like a fool? Going to be a lot of "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"