Certified Literate in Grady County

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A local program is tackling the problem of illiteracy by making learning to read easy and accessible to everyone in the community.

Being able to read and write are skills that every person needs in order to be successful in society. Unfortunately, there are still many residents in south Georgia that are illiterate.

Alan Kaye, Library Director in Grady County, says, "Georgia has a lower rate of high school graduation than the nation, and Grady County has a lower rate of high school graduation than Georgia. We know we have a job to do and we're working hard to improve the education level in the county."

The Certified Literate Community Program is a partnership between different agencies. Their goal is to teach literacy skills and to help people obtain their GED. The CLCP is run by volunteers.

Annette Harrell feels it is her responsibility as a citizen to help others.

Annette says, "Seeing the need for literacy improvements and helpfulness; help them to learn, to get their diplomas, to be more literate in the community."

The program also works with ESL students, those who are learning English as a second language, and the CLCP offers a self-paced diploma online program for 16 to 21-year-olds who have not received their high school diploma.

Volunteers also educate parents on the importance of reading to their children.

Martha Fowler, Director of Curriculum for the Grady County Board of Education, says, "Make sure that parents start their children off right so that they do become readers and literate members of our community."

It’s a community that is making a difference, one sentence at a time.

All classes are free to the public. The only cost involved is paying to take the GED test. For information, contact the CLCP regional coordinator at 229-522-3552.