Police Arrest Gretna, Florida Man in Connection With Murder

Family members of Anthony Ross gathered at his grandparents' home to share thoughts of the 25-year-old man who was found dead just a few miles from his home.

Deputies say Ross had just left a card game and was carrying a large sum of money.

Sheriff Morris Young says, "It appeared that he had been robbed. We received information from a witness that Mr. Clinton Jordan had planned to rob Anthony Ross on the 28th, which was Monday, and it fell through."

Authorities say Clinton Jordan then carried through with his plans on Tuesday, shooting Ross in the head. Now, Jordan is in custody, charged with first degree murder and armed robbery.

News of Jordan's arrest brought some relief to the family.

Jason Green, Anthony Ross' grandfather, says, "They picked him up, but they let him go because they did not have enough evidence, but I thank God they got him this time and they say he won't get out either."

Eyewitness News was approached by Jordan's family outside the jail, who says Jordan is not the trigger man.

Gwen Ellison, Clinton Jordan's aunt, says, "They keep saying Clint murdered this boy. He couldn't be at two places at one time. How can you say he murdered that boy? He couldn't have been there 'cause he was with me."

Deputies say Clinton Jordan confessed to the murder, leaving these two families trying to come to terms with a senseless crime.

Lilie Green, Anthony Ross's grandmother, says, "I feel for him too, but I feel like this: when you do a crime, you should do the time, even if it's one of my children, because if you're wrong, you're wrong."

Clinton's family believes someone else is responsible for the crime, but again, the sheriff says Clinton Jordan confessed to the murder. Jordan was arrested before and let go, but deputies hadn't had enough information to tie him to the crime until Thursday.