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For the past four years, Lyn Nager has filed her income tax returns electronically, something she says is quite convenient for her computer-savvy lifestyle.

Lyn says, "I didn't have any reservations. I'm used to doing everything. I bank on the computer, I check my e-mail on the computer, so I might as well do taxes."

Nager is part of a growing number of taxpayers who are e-filing their returns.

E-filers say the programs are simple and easy to use, not to mention normally providing a return within a 24-hour period.

As e-filing continues to gain popularity with American taxpayers, tax professionals say it could still be beneficial to have that return double checked.

Tax professional Chris Carroll says, "We do find errors, and we can get them an extra refund some of the time."

But if most folks enjoy e-filing on their own, will tax businesses like H&R Block eventually suffer?

Chris Carroll says, "No, it does not hurt our business. They can come in and we can check their return and make sure it's correct, and then we can e-file it for them."

Tax experts say everyone will be e-filing their taxes five years from now. The IRS reports that 62 million returns were electronically filed in 2004.