New HOPE Community Already Changing Lives

Construction on other buildings continues. Despite the construction, good things are happening already. In fact, talking with the people living there, just having a constant roof over their heads and hot meals has made a difference.

For at least one man, the HOPE Community means even more.

John Lloyd says, "It's really a blessing to be here."

John Lloyd has been living at the recently opened HOPE Community in Tallahassee for the last few weeks. Like everyone else now living there, he was homeless.

John says, "That was terrible. It wasn't like anything I experienced before."

Cheryl Phoenix, HOPE Community Director, says, "About half of the people here were at The Shelter or other emergency settings. Many were sleeping in their cars."

Just weeks after being homeless, Lloyd's life is now going in a completely different direction thanks to the HOPE Community.

John says, "It's given me an opportunity to come up out of a situation that I was in. It's given me several different avenues to chose from to better my life."

Lloyd is now enrolled at culinary school and is getting all the "homework" he can handle.

John says, "I'll be going to Lively, helping to cook here. It's a great situation; a great place to be."

Lloyd says he doesn't know what would have happened to him without HOPE.

John says, "The place is a great facility. It gives you back your self esteem, self worth."

The HOPE Community says the cafeteria building should be opened in the next couple of weeks, and the director is still looking for volunteers to go out and help serve and cook food. Call 576-5566 for more information.