Tuscan Reader Service Scam

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The woman was outraged, and has been reaching out to make others aware, by emailing everyone she knows, so they don't fall victim, too. The woman asked us to conceal her identity, but says she had to tell her story.

The Tallahassee resident says a week ago, a teenager came to her door and identified herself as a neighbor and even offered a legitimate address. The teenager said she was selling books to raise money for her soccer team to go to Nationals. The woman received a receipt, but was suspicious so she Googled "Tuscan Readers Services." She discovered she had fallen for a scam. "I mean over and over and over, the same thing, people using it as soccer, baseball, they had all these different umm, sports that they had used this and it's um, it shocked me, I was completely ummmm, I was I was shocked," said the woman.

"It's a very difficult out there, it's a slippery slope. There are so many people praying on other people, and in the financial times we live in everybody's looking for a quick buck," said DET Doris Mueller with the Leon County Sheriff's Office. Authorities are not surprised by the scam and say there are many con artists out there. As for the woman, she canceled her check, so this little con artist couldn't cash in her money.

Officials say there are many ways to protect yourself. Be aware, don't give out personal information over the phone, and just because an ad is in the newspaper, doesn't mean it is legitimate.

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