Golden Couples

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This year WCTV is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary, and so are three couples from a small community in our viewing area.

Marie and Ed Bruce met in 1952 on a blind date, and although Ed says he wasn't looking for love, he admits the 17-year-old beauty took his breath away then and continues to today.

Ed says, “When we met there was no doubt she was the one I was looking for.

The Bruces are celebrating their 50-year anniversary this May, but they're also willingly sharing the spotlight, not with one couple, but two other couples in the Fort Braden community of Tallahassee.

Jane Jackson, who married in May 1955, says, “All three of us go to the Lake Talquin Baptist Church; all three of us women sing in the same choir, the men in the same Sunday school class.”

Jane's husband Johnie says it's a time to be thankful.

Johnie says, “First of all, it means the most to be blessed and have 50 years together.”

And although our last couple met in elementary school, June and Norman Crutchfield say the last few years with the kids grown have been pretty exciting.

June says, “It's just been like getting to know him again, just been some of the happier years of our life.”

So what’s the secret? Words like love, respect, trust and faith were repeated, as well as knowing how to compromise.

Norman says, “We've always worked everything out, worked toward agreeing on things, and fortunately we've been able to do that.”

Another couple, who couldn't participate in the story, is also celebrating their 50th year, so congratulations to all four couples!