Mr. Food: Tomato Farming

The gourmet guru is seeing red! Tomato season is upon us, and now Mr. Food is giving out a few tips on selecting the best fruit for your buck.

There’s no question about it, almost everyone loves a fresh ruby red tomato, and even though tomatoes are grown throughout the country, at this time of year most of the country's fresh tomatoes are from here in the sunny Florida fields where they are harvested from November right on through May.

It all starts with seeds in greenhouses, and as they sprout they're transplanted into fields like these, and you know something amazing? Just one pound of seeds produces about 120,000 tomato plants!

Fast-forward about 80 days as the Florida sunshine helps them reach their full size. All the tomatoes harvested here are picked by hand before they're brought to the packing house for final preparation and then shipped off to your local grocery stores. That's when we can pick and choose the best of the best.

Now, when you bring 'em home, never ever put 'em in the fridge. Whether or not they're fully ripe, you see, the key is to leave 'em on the counter at room temperature stem-side up, and within a few days they'll turn their full ruby red and soften slightly, which develops their full sweet flavor and aroma.

And oh, when we slice into that beautiful, sweet, fresh Florida tomato, that way we get the full juicy taste and texture that we want and love!