Tallahassee Shooting Has Police Searching for Possible Gang Members

At this point in this investigation, detectives won't say who exactly they're looking for, but they did say it could be as many as 13 men, and that in this particular shooting a four-year-old child is a witness.

SGT Rob Pace of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "Criminal Street Gang is an association of persons who come together to commit illegal activity."

The 5600 block of Old Hickory Lane looked calm Monday morning, but witnesses say the night before it was full of patrol cars after reports of a possible gang related shooting.

DET James Diordiano of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "Information was provided to us. There was a group of subjects that had shown up at that address and had grabbed the victim."

Detectives say the group of men arrived with weapons, looking for someone else. When that person wasn't found, the men turned their sites on a new victim, shooting him in the stomach area.

James Diordiano says, "We don't know how many people we're looking for. The victim doesn't know exactly who it was who shot him. There was a group of black males, about 12 or 13 with crow bars."

Deputies say that while it may not be a huge problem in Tallahassee, there are gangs committing crimes like this one.

James Diordiano says, "It appears to be an ongoing feud between a group of individuals up there."

SGT Rob Pace says, "I wouldn't say it's a serious problem, but there has been criminal activity that's gang related activity."

Detectives say the only witnesses they have are the victim and his four-year-old nephew. The four-year-old was in the yard when the men arrived.

Detectives say both of the witnesses are doing fine, and if anyone else can help with this investigation, please call them at 922-3300.