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Students at Valdosta State University will no longer have to worry about their identity being stolen on campus.

Many students at Valdosta State are simply a number to many professors and officials at the university. Up until now, that number has been your Social Security number, and for students like Jimmy, that was a daily cause for concern.

Jimmy Fields says, "The way our society is now, there is so much corruption going on. Social Security numbers are a part of you, and if that number gets messed up it causes a lot of problems."

It causes problems like identity theft and fraud. That's why VSU is eliminating Social Security numbers on campus and assigning all students a brand new identity number and VSU One card.

Starting April 20, VSU students will have until May 5 to get to the building and have their old VSU card replaced with a new one that bares their new ID number, but students aren't the only ones who will be affected by this change. Registrar officials say alumni will be as well.

Chuck Hudson, VSU Registrar, says, "We are indeed assigning new numbers to everyone in our Banner Student Information System. In fact, we're changing about 250,000 records."

It’s a monumental task that registrar officials say is a small price to pay when it comes to the protection of all students' identity and safety.

University officials say faculty and staff will also be assigned new ID numbers.