GBI Online Capabilities Helping Track Sex Offenders

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation website has listed the names and locations of sexual offenders since it came online in 1998.

The popularity of the site, though, has never been bigger than it is now. Last month alone, the website received nearly two and a half million hits. That's nearly six times the normal amount of visitors, and for many parents it serves as peace of mind.

J.J. Atkinson, a father, says, "It's great. You never can tell who's living right next to you or right down the street from you nowadays, and every little bit helps as far as knowing personal safety for your children."

Though parents use the website to know who may be living next door, officials at the bureau say it's that awareness that makes the job of law enforcement that much easier.

Ronie Thompson with GBI says, "A lot of people feel kind of helpless in knowing if there's someone around them, and this is an easy way anonymously. They don't have to talk to anybody. They don't have to contact anybody in order to check on someone."

Any citizen can check the website. Visitors can search the offender registry by name and address. The website even posts some pictures.

J.J. Atkinson adds, "It's definitely a great website to check out."

For parents protecting their kids, every bit of help counts. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also offers Levi's Call, which is comparable to Florida's Amber Alert.

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