This Allergy Season Could Be a Bad One

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People with allergies are really suffering this spring, especially in Georgia where record levels of pollen have been reported, and some people are being stricken by allergies they never even knew they had.

Deidra loves to spend time playing outdoors with her children. Unfortunately, this year Deidra discovered she was now a brand-new allergy sufferer faced with fighting the springtime battle against pollen.

Deidra says, "For the first time I had to take sinus medication, allergy medication and anything else that would help alleviate the headache and inability to breathe that I suffered from for four days."

Most folks in south Georgia and north Florida are all too familiar with the symptoms.

Dr. Fauzia Durrani, an allergist, says, "They sneeze five, 10 times, running nose, stopped up nose, itching in their throat and itching in their nose."

So why is the pollen count so high right now? It's simple: plenty of trees and perfect conditions.

While many folks are enjoying the nice sunshine and warm weather, allergists say it’s actually the warm weather that's encouraging the pollination right here in our area.

"The most pollens are out first thing in the morning around 7-8 o'clock when the sun is rising, so if they have to exercise they should do it in the afternoon," Dr. Durrani says.

It’s not bad advice for folks who are tired of having to sniff and sneeze their way through spring. Allergy season started early last month and is expected to continue through the end of April.