Mr. Food: Bagged Salads

Nutrition: Mr. Food has it all "bagged up!" The gourmet guru is exploring different varieties of ready-to-eat lettuce selections. Let's check it out.

Every year, Americans each eat more than 30 pounds of all types of lettuce and lots of that comes in the form of ready-to-eat, bagged salad varieties. Why are they gaining ground? Maybe 'cause we'd have to buy all of these whole heads of lettuces to have all of the varieties in this bag! And here in these sunny California fields a variety of greens are harvested year 'round.

We have a really unique team of scientists and researchers who have helped develop the packaged salad as we know it today. We don't just work on research for the processing side of the packaged salad. We do take it into the field so equipment that we use and the harvesting that maintains the quality and safety of the product is all innovative and new processes that have been invented for the packaged salad industry.

The lettuce is touched by gloved hands only one time and sent to the processing plant, where it's cooled to remove the field heat, washed and spin-dried, trimmed and sorted for quality, then packed in hermetically sealed "keep crisp" bags and immediately rushed in refrigerated containers to our markets within 24 to 72 hours of harvest!

There are loads of variety options, like mixed baby greens, field greens, Caesar salad, spinach salad, American blend, Mediterranean blend and more than that! We get a fresh salad without having the work or the waste of whole heads! Plus, it's nice to know that bagged salads are processed with safety in mind from the fields right to our tables. Maybe that's why?