Flooding in Suwannee County

Flooding is causing problems in other areas as well, and folks near the Suwannee River have "overflowing" concerns.

Living on the historic Suwannee River has its ups and downs; the rain comes down and the river rises up.

Cindy Crosby says, "We have to boat and wade through the water to get to our house. It's bad. This flooding is just bad.”

The recent rain has caused the water levels of the Suwannee River to rise. Suwannee River Water Management says the river is past flood stage. The water levels on the Suwannee River have risen to the point where the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has issued a "no wake" zone.

David Still of Suwannee River Water Management says, "So if you are on the river, you have to go at idol speed. That's really critical because the wave action causes erosion, causes a lot of problems, so we just encourage people, if they can, to stay off the river right now."

Several roads near the Suwannee River are also flooded, making it difficult, if not impossible, for residents to drive to their homes. Many of the homes themselves are jeopardized.

Ethel Ostenberg, a resident of Suwannee County, says, "The backyard is already underwater, about what it is every other spring. With all the rain we're getting today and coming down from Georgia, it'll probably get higher."

Officials advise residents to try to avoid flooded areas as much as possible. Other area rivers that are currently at or over flood stage are the Aucilla, Santa Fe and Withlacoochee Rivers.