The Decatur County Fire Department says the Flint River's flood level is 25 feet. When they last measured, it was at about 28.6.

Clear, late afternoon skies were welcomed by residents in the Flint River Heights neighborhood, but for some, the damage had already been done. A boat is the ideal means of transportation through some parts of the neighborhood. Heavy rains pushed the Flint River over its banks late last week.

The high water along the river already forced some people from their homes. Others are left in fear.

Bonnie McCuller, a resident, says, "Get nervous and upset, can't sleep at night, afraid I'll get up in a mud puddle."

The scary part for homeowners along this part of the river is this may not be the worst of it. That depends on how heavy Friday’s rains were to the north.

Clara Davis, also a resident, adds, "I'm not worried about it when it rains here, when it rains in Albany, that's when we worry, ‘cause here's gonna go on that way."

Now, residents in the neighborhood can only watch and wait, and hope that the river doesn't rise any farther.

Residents are concerned each time there's heavy rain, but they remember bad floods in both 1998 and 1994. One neighbor said the 1994 flood put water about halfway up the walls of her house.