Florida Lawmakers Consider Controversial Road Rage Bill

Legislation is nearing passage in Tallahassee. It's designed to cut down on road rage, but some say it penalizes those who obey the law.

Picture yourself driving down the interstate in the left lane doing the speed limit, when vehicle after vehicle pass you on the right.

Legislation close to being sent to the governor allows motorists who stay in the left lane to be charged with reckless driving. Sponsor Mike Bennet thinks it will cut down on road rage.

Sen. Mike Bennet, (R) Bradenton, says, "We got to get those people to move to the right; they shouldn’t be playing vigilante over there, and that’s really what they are doing.
They are saying, ‘hey I’m in the lane and I’m going to stay here. I’m doing the speed limit.’ "

But others say it’s a dumb idea.

Sen. Evelyn Lynn, (R) Ormond Beach, says, "They are saying the minute somebody comes behind her at 90 miles an hour, when she is driving at 70 miles an hour, she’s going to have to pull over to the right."

The bill contains a host of exceptions and leaves enforcement up to police. We caught up with Gary Whitfield, who was on his way home to Panama City Beach.

Gary says, "I generally move over to the right lane. I believe it’s the thing to do."

When asked is he needed the Legislature to tell him that, his response was “no.”

But another motorist, who wouldn’t give us his last name, says that maybe making drivers move over will help.

Ron says, “So maybe some of these people that don’t do that need to be told, like seat belts and helmets on motorcycles."

If this bill gets by the governor’s desk the fine for driving in the left lane and not moving over will be $60. The only thing keeping the bill from going to the governor is debate over whether staying in the left lane should cost you three or four points on your license.