Pope's Funeral Televised: Were You Watching?

It's estimated that millions around the globe watched the live broadcast of Pope John Paul II’s funeral that was scheduled to begin around 4:00 in the morning Eastern Standard Time.

Chris Bryant said, "I think it's an important historical event, but because of the time over here, it's a little too early. I'll catch bits on the news though."

Jeff Cagle also said, "I'll catch it in the evening, but I don't plan to get up at 4:00 in the morning to watch it."

While some feel the live broadcast was too early, others say the event is too historic not to miss.

Suzan Hobbs said, "I plan on being up. I've got my alarm clock set so I can get up and watch it. I'm not Catholic, but the pope was an awesome person. He did a lot to help out people. He was just an awesome person."

Amy Smith added, "He said his opinions, whether I agree with them or not, he did it in a way that I respected him, so I would like to watch his funeral to see how things play out for him."

The funeral, which was attended by several hundred world leaders, was heavily guarded. It's being called the biggest funeral in modern history.