Deputy Resigns Following Tasing Incident

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell says one of his deputies resigned Friday, but he also says if the deputy had not, he would have been fired.

Sheriff Campbell says on March 7, a Marine reservist was wrongfully hit with a taser used by one of his deputies. Now, the sheriff is admitting fault and apologizing, but the Marine's commander's take on the situation might surprise you.

On March 7 on Locke Street, Leon County DEP John Daly was responding to a 9-1-1 call when he encountered Marine reservist Demar Jackson outside his home. What happened next has ended in DEP John Daly's resignation from his position with LCSO.

Sheriff Larry Campbell says, "The arrest was wrong; the tasing was wrong."

Sheriff Campbell says DEP John Daly told Jackson to turn around. Jackson tried to explain he did nothing wrong and had nothing to do with any 9-1-1 call, and refused to turn around.

Campbell says Daly tased Jackson and then arrested him, and admits neither should have happened.

Larry Campbell says, "Who's wrong in this thing? Me, because I can delegate the authority for them to go do it, but the responsibility is mine."

WCTV attempted to find Demar Jackson at his Marine battalion in Tallahassee. He was unavailable, so we spoke with one of his commanders, and this is what he had to say about the situation.

1st SGT David Cowie of the 8th Tank Battalion says, "In the Marines we often run into situations similar to this. We feel had Jackson listened to the deputy when he initially approached him and obeyed orders by turning around, this incident would not have occurred."

Sheriff Campbell disagrees.

"Pure and simple, we made a mistake," he says.

Demar Jackson, over the phone, wasn't able to say very much because of a possible lawsuit related to the tasing. He did say he's pleased the charges against him were dropped. It was obstruction of police.

Sheriff Campbell says that the real problem here was a lack of communication on the deputy's part. Had he better communicated with Jackson, this would not have happened.