Fighting Back

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Ask any owner of a gas guzzler and they'll tell you what they think about prices, but there's a new movement to fight back, to send oil companies a message by parking their rides and carpooling.

Cassandra Floyd is fed up with as prices and says, "That's exactly what we did. She drove half way and then she came with me and we rode to church together."

Wanda Groover says, "I've also talked with some employees, workers of mine that mentioned that and have been talking about that seriously."

For a long time the Department of Transportation has been pushing mass transit, but lately they're finding groups working on a grassroots level, forming gas saving coalitions that are fed up with prices.

Executive director with Commuter Services, Jeff Horton, says, "Probably within the last year, gas prices have increased on average 60 cents a gallon. Around 20 cents of that has happened within the last few weeks, so most commuters are probably looking at a monthly increase to their cost of anywhere from $20 to $100 depend on their commuter distance."

It's a lesson not lost on drivers.

Floyd adds, "I think the rising gas prices are gonna make more people think about how all of this is impacting our lives, not to mention the environment, so whatever we can do to save gas and save the earth, I think we need to do, I think it's the Christian thing to do."

The Department of Transportation is finding Cassandra Floyd isn't he only one thinking that way.