Team Moody AirFest

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The roar of the engines and the trail of smoke captivated an audience of more than 30,000 folks who attended Moody's Air Extravaganza.

Moody's bi-annual air show featured numerous displays and demonstration teams, all looking to dazzle, amaze, and of course, entertain.

Alan Henley with the Aeroshell Demonstration Team says, "It's kind of like a ballet. It's just real beautiful and graceful; big maneuvers, big noise and smoke. It’s a real crowd pleaser."

Loops, bottle rolls and forward formations filled the sky, performances that showcase the military's finest.

LT Jennifer Gerhardt with Moody Air Force Base says, "It really shows and highlights the capabilities of every single aircraft that's in the Air Force, and also some of the other branches of service can do."

Airfest-goer Joseph Bugliese says, "The people of the community have the base here and the pilot training base as well. It’s a real important base for other pilots as well. There are also a couple other training units here, so I think that’s the appeal to the community, and the gorgeous weather, you can't go wrong."

Moody airmen say the air show is a perfect chance to give back to a community that embraces and supports everything they do on a daily basis.