Drug Trade Keeping Thomas County Agents Busy

Four agents make up the Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice Division. Most of their work is done through surveillance and working with informants. They also work undercover buying and selling drugs in other counties and states.

Although it is a small unit, the Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice Division has a hefty job of keeping the streets clean and drug free.

This year alone, 107 people have been arrested for possession: 34 people for marijuana, 28 arrests for cocaine, 46 people arrested for meth, and over $13,000 has been seized.

The monies seized from drug busts are used by agents to purchase equipment, like Scott Airpacks, that is used during meth busts.

Kevin Lee of the Thomas County Narcotics/Vice Division says, "We have a lot of undercover surveillance equipment: cameras, listening devices, pagers and different things that we let people use so we can contact them."

The efforts of the Narcotics/Vice Division directly affect the community. One resident says that she is satisfied with the police's work.

Clarice Hobbs says, "Drugs has been a problem here in Thomasville, but they are doing a good job cleaning it up."

It’s a never ending job for these agents.

Kevin Lee says, "We are currently working a large federal case. We anticipate arresting numerous associates for selling crack cocaine here in the county."

As for the drug busts this weekend, four people were arrested for possession of marijuana and cocaine worth about $1,000, and another arrest was made where 40 pieces of crack were seized.

Lee says the Narcotics/Vice Division is growing. They plan on hiring a new agent in the coming weeks.