Altercation Sparks Concern About Campus Safety

New safety procedures are in place at Taylor County High School.

Principal Michael Thompson says, "Our entrance from the student parking lot and our teacher parking lot, those doors are locked at all times during the school day.

Earline Courtney says, "Whatever it takes. If it takes once the child gets to school, they don't leave the school, nobody comes to the school and get them."

The increased security measures stem from the April 6 incident where 38-year-old Susan Brown was arrested for walking into a classroom and attacking a student. The school's resource officer was not on duty due to medical reasons.

LT M.A. Towles of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office says, "Our officers in the schools right now are spread extremely thin due to the number of schools and number of students and the number of requirements of their time."

It concerns some parents, but Principal Thompson says the new safety procedures will help.

"We're also in the process of revamping our front office. We'll have a little booth out front that will be constructed where all visitors and parents will come there and sit there in the lobby with assistance," he says.

Thompson says he’ll do his best to ensure his students are safe. Principal Thompson says deputies and police officers have been checking on the high school during the resource officer's time off.

Officials say they're financially unable to put more officers in schools at this time.