The Red Cross Tracks "Armando"

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Hurricane season is a mere seven weeks away and now is the time to prepare. Meteorologist Ray Hawthorne has a look at a unique program that you and your neighbors can sign up for to gear up for the potential "big one.”

Call it a stroke of luck: four hurricanes struck Florida last year, but we avoided the brunt each time. Are folks concerned about this upcoming season?

Howard Silver, a Tallahassee resident, says, "Not really. I mean, you know, what happened last year, hopefully this year will be better. I mean, that's why we have God upstairs watching us."

Hopefully we'll miss out again, but luck can run out. Our local American Red Cross is starting a program that is one of its kind in the country, called the "Hurricane Armando Neighborhood Exercise." Armando is a Category 2 storm aimed directly at us. The Red Cross says it's designed to help our neighborhoods primarily after a hurricane strikes.

Chris Floyd of the Capital Area American Red Cross says, “Do they need water, do they need food, do they need tarps to put over homes? Communicate that back to the appropriate authorities in a very coordinated fashion."

The Red Cross will pose many other scenarios at this meeting so that we're prepared for the "big one."

Chris Floyd says, "I'm one who believes some day we are going to have a Category 1, Category 2, or even worse, a Category 3 storm coming right at Tallahassee."

And when the day comes, we'll be prepared for many problems that could land our way.

Hurricane Armando will start to be tracked next Wednesday, and the actual tabletop exercise will happen on April 23 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bond Community Health Center on Orange Avenue.

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