Residents Hope to Dry Up in "Wake" of Flooding

Pinetta resident Margaret Watson does not live on a lake, but those passing by might think otherwise. Her land and home are under water, a sight you'd have to see to believe.

Sherry Brown, Margaret Watson's niece, says, "We pulled up in the driveway and I went 'oh, my god.' My initial reaction was 'oh, my god, she is under water.' "

And it's showing no signs of slowing down.

"It's averaging out two to three feet every two hours."

It’s forcing Watson to pack up and head for higher ground.

Margaret says, "It has now caused me to have to leave my home, move everything. I've been here for many years. I'm not a happy lady."

Watson is looking for answers. She says the rain isn't the only reason for the flooding, although county officials say that's been the main problem facing the county.

Jim Stanley, Madison County Emergency Management Director, says, "The rivers are full, the water aquifers full, the water levels are full, and it's just a real unusual situation we're having to deal with day to day."

But Watson says culverts from a nearby farm are draining the rainwater on her property.

"They should have done their job to see where all this water would go," she says.

Now, she's fighting to have the culverts plugged or removed before she loses any more.

County officials say they're unsure why Margaret Watson's property is so severely flooded. They say they have to wait for the water to recede before they can address the problem.