Perdue Signs New Bills to Help Georgia Farmers

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Like any other major industry, agriculture in Georgia faces major challenges, and not just from the weather.

To help improve agriculture's future, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue flew into Moultrie on Tuesday to sign several new ag-related bills into law.

One of the most important bills creates a new state advisory committee on rural development.

Gov. Perdue says, "The Rural Development Council is in tune with the rural aspects of our state. They help me and advise me, then they supported the tax cut bills for farmers, all part of their recommendations."

Gov. Perdue says he's very proud of the work the General Assembly did by passing the measure. He says the changes will go a long way in helping secure the future of the Peach State's economy.

Perdue says, "A couple of years ago we passed a sales tax exemption on electricity for farmer, but now any fuel that's used to grow crops in agriculture will be utilized with a tax break. Today, it's a beautiful day. I hope the sun stays out and we can get a little farming done."

And whether it's a small farm or a large scale operation, the new laws should help Georgia farmers turn a better profit by cutting taxes on the fuels that help grow crops all year long.

Local business experts say that will help local farmers, as well as regional economy growth. Gov. Perdue also praised lawmakers from "urban" Georgia, saying they helped meet the needs of rural Georgia.